Next Penguin Hackers Event:

HackYSU 2017

February 17th — 19th 2017

Registration and more info here!

Other awesome events:

Spring 2017

HackYSU 2017

February 17th — 19th 2017 | Youngstown State University

Learn something new, create something awesome, and network with many businesses, and fellow students at Youngstown State University's very own hackathon! Learn more and register for HackYSU here!

YGD Game Jam 2017

March 31st — April 2nd | McDonough Museum of Art

A three day event by the Youngstown Game Developers. Register here!

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The founders of Penguin Hackers wish to create a platform for our students to build a portfolio through personal or group projects. By doing so we wish to teach ourselves and each other valuable skills to compliment our university education. In order to maximize the value each of us gets out of the group, we wish to network with and actively engage like-minded individuals.

Together, we believe we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Penguin Hackers believes that by seeking these goals we’ll begin to create a more engaging university environment in which students feel excited about their college experience and empowered to achieve. We believe that students directly and indirectly affected by such an environment will have improved graduation rates, better employment rates, and higher GPAs. We also believe that by actively engaging our community both inside and outside YSU we can increase enrollment rates through generating awareness of YSU’s programs, create relationships with successful alumni who want to see our students succeed, and form partnerships with businesses who wish to take advantage of our quality students as co-ops, interns, and full time employees. By fostering a community of students actively improving and exchanging knowledge we can architect an environment in which engineered serendipity is commonplace.

It is here that awesome happens.


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